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Into the Amazon

Last month I was fortunate enough to be able to have the trip of a life time that started in the Peruvian Amazon and ended high in the Andes exploring Machu Picchu. Less fortunately I was struck quite ill from the experience. That, on top of general life things and a cross country road trip I’ve been less than active on Endangered Living.  Continue reading Into the Amazon

In Search of Dragons

We stepped off the boat and onto a dry, desert-like island, walked on a rocky path until we reached two towering statues of Komodo dragons guarding the entrance to the park. Within minutes we spotted a troop of mischievous macaques, and one 7 foot long Komodo dragon sauntering across a dry marsh where the tide encroached when the weather was wetter. Continue reading In Search of Dragons

You can shape conservation, here’s how

Some really exciting things have been happening lately. The biggest announcement is that my crowdfunding project is finally live! I am calling on the community to help me shape the future of orangutan and sun bear conservation. Continue reading You can shape conservation, here’s how

Sierra Leone is more than just the ebola crisis

Many of you know that I spent a chunk of the summer of 2014 in Sierra Leone, just as ebola began to spread there. In fact the day we all landed was the day that the first case of ebola was confirmed in Sierra Leone. While we were all aware of what was happening, there was no way to have predicted that this virus would decimate West Africa in the way that it has. Continue reading Sierra Leone is more than just the ebola crisis