Into the Amazon

Last month I was fortunate enough to be able to have the trip of a life time that started in the Peruvian Amazon and ended high in the Andes exploring Machu Picchu. Less fortunately I was struck quite ill from the experience. That, on top of general life things and a cross country road trip I’ve been less than active on Endangered Living. 

I do hope you will excuse the absence and accept this Wild Learning video as compensation exploring one of the many species I was able to get up close and personal with in the Amazon (where I think mostly its the dangerous things that want to get up close and personal judging from the number of spiders I flung out of my hair). But Peru, aside from having some of the most incredibly diverse landscapes I have ever experienced also had some of the most amazing human beings.

I was personally fascinated by how to Inka culture still survived and noticed that when you met Peruvians you typical had Peruvians who either referred to the Inka as ‘they’ or as ‘we’. Both spoke a little differently about the past but everyone had something to teach us. It has been a while since I have been so humbled and learned so much. So I hope that I can pass on at least a little of what I was able to learn from the fantastic people and creatures of Peru.

3 thoughts on “Into the Amazon”

  1. Loved it! As you know I’m in Colombia and we have adventure travel at Villa Migelita. However no one gets sick…but I’ve heard this often from those who do the Machu Pichu trail. Was it a parasite? I’m curious if you don’t mind sharing. The sloth was precious!!!!!

    1. My body was weakened from getting severe altitude sickness, I got home and developed gastroenteritis and had to go on some heavy dose cipro. I’m not sure what caused it, it could have been food or water, I’m not sure

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