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8 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi there! I read a few of your posts and subscribed. I didn’t have too much time to dig in but now that I have I’m really glad I did. I enjoy reading your blog especially because it’s wildlife and conservation related 🙂 I too want to work in wildlife conservation. I started my own blog a couple months ago to fund raise to Australia. I’m not the best at writing or blogging in general, but I’m learning to improve. I’m going to see how my Australia blog will go and maybe a new blog on everything about me.

    Happy writing!

    drew t.

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate that! I’m glad you have time to read and I think it’s amazing you want to go into a field so amazing as wildlife conservation.
      And good writing comes with practice! The more you work on your blog and the more you read others the better you will become. I structure my blog the way I would prefer a blog be structured. For example I always try to put 3 pictures in a post because I realized that I would be more likely to read on if there was an interesting image down further, so I could know what it is. Just little things like that. And using SEO words always helps!!!
      I’ll be checking out your blog after writing this, and I’m quite excited!

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