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In Search of Dragons

We stepped off the boat and onto a dry, desert-like island, then walked on a rocky path until we reached two towering statues. These stone Komodo dragons guarded the entrance to the national park. Within minutes we spotted a troop of mischievous macaques, and one 7 foot long Komodo dragon sauntering across a dry marsh where the tide encroached during the wet season. Continue reading In Search of Dragons

island dwarfism

If any of you read National Geographic News or follow them on Facebook you might have recently seen something about the California Dwarf Fox coming back from the brink of extinction. The drastic increase in numbers over the last nine years has been staggering. While this is all well and good what really caught my attention was the idea of island dwarfism, something I have been fascinated with since I was a little girl.

Photo of dwarf fox from Treehugger.com
Photo of dwarf fox from Treehugger.com

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