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Chocolate dipped death

Roughly 30,000 elephants are killed annually to fuel the abhorrent myth that ivory is a cure-all substance. It is believed to cure the common cold, hangovers, impotence and a variety of other illnesses. There is absolutely no medical proof that ivory has any medicinal properties what-so-ever. In fact, you might as well just chew your fingernails since you’d be eating the same stuff.

Photo from WWF
Photo from WWF

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odd animal profile: sichuan takin

I am obsessed. These animals look so cool and prehistoric. The Sichuan takin is a sub-species of takin, and for those of you(like, until recently, me) who don’t know what a takin is, a takin is a goat-antelope. These large lumbering creatures live in large herds and can even stand on their back legs to reach high leaves.

Photo by Mary Gorman
Photo by Mary Gorman

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plight of the pangolins


Meet the Pangolin, often referred to as the scaly anteater. This cute arboreal animal has no teeth and sleeps all day. It reminds me of Sandshrew the pokémon and has adorable little eyes that see into your very soul. It’s an odd little animal that desperately needs your help

On April 13, 2013 roughly 2000 frozen pangolins were found on a Chinese fishing vessel that had run aground.

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