plight of the pangolins


Meet the Pangolin, often referred to as the scaly anteater. This cute arboreal animal has no teeth and sleeps all day. It reminds me of Sandshrew the pokémon and has adorable little eyes that see into your very soul. It’s an odd little animal that desperately needs your help

On April 13, 2013 roughly 2000 frozen pangolins were found on a Chinese fishing vessel that had run aground.

We have all seen the reports of the astonishing numbers of elephants slaughtered by the dozens for their tusks and the tigers sold over seas to fuel the pet trade and to make rugs, but many people know little of the pangolin and even fewer know the extent to which is it poached and traded illegally.


In March, 2013, alone, over 200 living pangolins were seized by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks in Malaysia. When wildlife trackers who admitted to transporting 104 pangolins illegally were released on bail a mere 3 hours after their arrest the pangolins were confined to plastic crates and left at the police station for over 24 hours. About 40 pangolins died during this time. Which could have been prevented if the police would have turned over the pangolins to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, whose offer to assist was ignored. No one knows where the remaining pangolins ended up.


People remain ignorant about this and the plight of the pangolins. So again I urge you to tell your friends about these scaly little creatures in hopes that people will open up a place in their hearts for the endangered pangolin.

Source: Animal Post

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