Education is key to conservation

Education is key to conservation. I think that this is an incredible message worth sharing. It is what I aim to do every time I post on, our FB page or my twitter. I want to educate people and teach them about species they may never have heard of, so that they can care. You have to know something exists and that it is in trouble to be able to want it to help it. It is such a basic idea that can get over looked.

So I encourage you to share this photo, to remind people how important it is to learn every day. Keep an open mind and it can lead to a great idea that might just change the world.


4 thoughts on “Education is key to conservation”

  1. I Care!……I am so proud of you! I know my daughter is following your footsteps.. Every day she wakes up and she is a different animal!

  2. This is so true! In the animal advocacy work I do, I find that many people simply aren’t aware of certain issues or that certain cruelties (like horse slaughter) even exist. Awareness is key to promoting change. Keep up the excellent work you’re doing!!

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