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spontaneous classification

A new study suggests that orangutans (and one young gorilla) may be more capable of identifying types of animals than we had previously given them credit for. In the 1700’s Carolus Linneaus gave two names to each species, organizing species for the first time. He classified them in a hierarchical system, starting broad with kingdom, phylum, class, then getting more specific with family, genus, and finally the most specific, species. It took humans an embarrassingly long time to become so organized and look more critically at the animals we share our planet with.

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where in the world are the bombus

Death toll:

  • Wilsonville, Oregon- 50,000

The largest mass death of bombus ever recorded. 50,000 were found dead, lying in a parking lot, and the world is asking why? What are bombus? Why should we care?

From Oregon Live
From Oregon Live

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