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odd animal profile: narwhal

Yippee! My favorite cetacean! When I was in high school I went on a dolphin studies program in Belize, and for the final project we had to chose any cetacean and give a presentation on them. I chose the narwhal and have been smitten ever since.

Photo from WWF
Photo from WWF

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odd animal profile: proboscis monkey

Hey, you’ve got something on your nose. No, really.

The proboscis monkey is one of the more interesting looking primates, due to it’s very unique nose. The protruding sniffer is found on both sexes, though the male’s is much more pronounced, and can even hang down past its mouth. But you wouldn’t believe what their juveniles look like.

Photo by Arkive
Photo by Arkive

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odd animal profile: okapi

It’s a zebra! No! It’s an antelope! No! It’s a giraffe! No! It’s an okapi!

There are not a lot of animals as strange as the okapi, with its black and white stripes, 12 inch long purple-prehensile tongue and its red goo it secretes from it’s skin.



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