Well, I personally think daubentoniidae this is the most difficult family to memorize, and I don’t quite know why. This family is really unique and contains only one species: the Aye-Aye. These weird little lemurs are the only species left of the daubentoniids after the other went extinct about 1,000 years ago.

Aye-Aye by Frank Vassen
Aye-Aye by Frank Vassen

These large, nocturnal lemurs are the stuff of myths. No, really! In fact one of the reasons that they are endangered is because people in Madagascar believe that they are evil and will kill them. This has not been so great for the daubentoniids.

Some unique features about the daubentoniids include the forward-protruding teeth used for digging holes in trees to find grubs and other insects. Think of a woodpecker, now imagine that was a three-foot long primate that mildly resembled an opossum on steroids. That’s how I think of aye-ayes at least. They also have one very long and thin finger that is used to reach inside of the holes they make to get out their prey.

Recently daubentoniidae lemurs have adapted to eat coconuts. They use those teeth to carve holes in them and use their special finger to pull out the meat. This just shows the awesome power of adaptation in all primates.

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