Primates in the family Indriidae are also found on the island of Madagascar, but these primates are a bit different from the lemurs we have been talking about so far. The species included in the family indriidae are indris, sifakas, and woolly lemurs. Although I said they were different they still share several commonalities like the fact that indriids are not monkeys, but also lemurs, they are also strepsirrhines who have wet noses, and are diurnal.

Verreaux's Sifaka by Woodlouse on Flickr
Verreaux’s Sifaka by Woodlouse on Flickr

Indriids are quite a bit larger than the lemurs so far discussed on my primate families posts. The largest of those found in the indriidae family are the indri themselves. Indri range in size, but can be up to 15 lbs. Another unique fact about the indriids is that they tend to be monogamous. Unlike what we normally think of as monogamous, the indriids will mate with the same individual for several years, but not always for life.

Indriids are herbivores eating mainly fruits, leaves and flowers. They are known for their astounding leaping ability in the trees, but when they reach the ground they tend to walk awkwardly on their hind legs with their arms in the air above them.

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