Want to be a citizen scientist?

Gregg Treinish is described by National Geographic as an adventurer and conservationist. Avid hiker and explorer turned biologist, Treinish began to work doing field research. After wandering the globe studying many species, from sturgeon to lynx, he founded Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation. If you dream of being an avid conservationist but don’t have the wallet, this is a great way to get involved.

Anyone can submit their information on a variety of topics all over the world, or even start their own project. In North America you can document roadkill, report pika sightings, cetacean(whale and dolphin) sitings, banded seagull sightings, be trained to document rare plants in California, collect diatoms or ice-worms or preform repeat glacial photography. You can sign up for a project, or just submit photos and locations of findings.

I am a big believer in getting the general population more involved in everyday conservation. Science isn’t scary, it’s one of the things I hope to pass on to people. I hope that future generations can posses a sense of adventure and a hunger for change.

Photo from Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation
Photo from Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation

I believe that Prince William is a fantastic example of someone possessing that hunger. He recently interviewed for an ITV documentary about why he is so passionate about Africa and conservation. Through the interview, found here, Prince William discusses how since his first visit to Africa as a teenage, he fell in love with the powerful and impressive wildlife and the anonymity that came with traveling through small villages. I have to share some of my favorite quotes from the article that I think speak mountains about what kind of person he is:

In discussing his mothers work with orphans with HIV and his father’s (and grandfather’s) time as president of WWF UK:

“The legacy is quite a daunting one, following on from my grandfather and father. It just sort of happened… My mother would come back with all these stories, full of excitement and passion for what she had been doing and I used to sit there, quite a surprised little boy, taking it all in – and the infectious enthusiasm and energy she had rubbed off on me.”

On his gap year spent in the African bush:

“I’d usually be worried about something coming into my sleeping bag! I’m not so good with spiders and snakes, but the bigger stuff I don’t mind. And the smells and the noises get every one of your senses going. Being out in the middle of nowhere, I loved it, I really did… stars 360 degrees around you, sleeping on the ground, and getting back to where we all come from… it’s quite moving.”

Photo from Daily Mail
Photo from Daily Mail

Prince William’s passion is a ray of hope. He has a passion he hopes to pass on, and with the amount of publicity he, Princess Kate and baby George have been getting, it could bring some well needed light to the deplorable situations in Africa.

“Africa, emotionally and mentally, has affected me. It’s magical. Every time I go back it brings out new things. This is a lifelong commitment and I’ll always be involved… no matter what.” – Prince William

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