re-wild our planet

This is a lovely animated video found on the Guardian, a UK news source, on their environmental blog. This video is full of bright colors and will make your heart hurt.

As a people we are constantly hoping to improve and be better and do better. My boyfriend had me read his favorite book recently called Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. Ishmael is a philosophical novel were a man learns how to treat the earth from a very wise, captive gorilla. It says that man believes his destiny is to conquer. Conquer everything. The reason is, is that if man conquers the earth and has complete control over it, then they are no longer at the mercy of the Gods, or at the mercy of nature. Man, over time, has come to believe that he must take more than he needs. This has caused the over population of man and the earth to not be able to keep up with our growing desires for excess.

Also I really like this video because I have been thinking of adding a monthly vlog to my blog and I haven’t been able to decide what format I should do, but I do really like this style. I just need to do some more research on how its done. I’m no wiz at videos.

One thought on “re-wild our planet”

  1. Fab video, thanks for sharing it.

    I really like the style too – thought I certainly wouldn’t have the drawing skills to achieve such a slick, consistent and attractive finish! I hope you can pull it off.

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