it’s only 4 million acres

It is beginning to sound like Indonesia is moving to approve a proposal to un-protect about 4 million acres of pristine rainforest on the island of Sumatra.


This would mean guaranteed death for a large amount of the endangered orangutans, rhinos and elephants that live in these forests. Not only this but in the long run it would prove detrimental to Indonesia’s market. The companies who will be deforesting the rainforest are almost all foreign companies, like Canadian mining company East Asia Minerals who can’t wait to get their greedy paws on 4 million acres of virgin jungle.

The head of the Aceh parliamentary committee, Tengku Anwar is in full support of the proposition.

What should be the homes of critically endangered great apes, rhinos and elephants, will turn into mines, paper plantations and palm oil plantations.


I urge you to show support for the Friend’s of the Earth campaign who is against the legislation.


Original story here.

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