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The flight

So begin my tales from Africa. I will be pulling entries from my journal I kept while I was there, so hopefully I can bring you, as a reader, as fully into the experience as I possibly can.


Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Four days ago I was sitting at my college graduation in Dallas, and now, I am on an airplane. Granted there has been a flight in-between, I moved out of my house, back to Florida, and packed away my life into a giant backpack, but sitting here on this plane, it’s like I’ve just blinked.

Graduation Day
Graduation Day

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the beast of gévaudan

I am currently on vacation in France with my mother and two cousins and was thinking, how could I incorporate my little jaunt to Paris into a post. I decided to talk a little bit about the beast of Gévaudan, a man eater who was believed to be werewolf by the people of the small town of Les Hubacs.

Photo from Wikipedia
Photo from Wikipedia

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