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Bowerbird: Decorator, Singer, Dancer… Ideal Boyfriend?

It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! Time to learn about something wild and wacky about that part of the animal world we don’t think about much. So lets talk about the bowerbird and this species’ ostentatious mating habits. Now the last weird animal Wednesday, fondly known as Hump Day, I discussed the absurd echidna. I was not so keen on the idea of life as a female echidna, but the bowerbird is a different story. I mean who wouldn’t want to be wooed with sparkly, color-coordinated goodies?! Sign me up! Continue reading Bowerbird: Decorator, Singer, Dancer… Ideal Boyfriend?

mount kaputar’s cannibal snails

Cannibal snails, hairy snails and even neon slugs all make Mount Kaputar in Australia their home. This unique and fragile mountain habitat has saved these odd gastropods from extinction. Once upon a time New South Wales was covered by rain forests comparable to Papua New Guinea, but today climate shift even just two degrees could destroy the entire habitat.

Photo from National Geographic
Photo from National Geographic

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