Wild Learning

Wild Learning is Endangered Living’s new Youtube Channel! That’s right! We’re officially kind of official! I encourage you to go subscribe to my channel, even though there is not much there yet I promise it’s going to get exciting quick and you don’t want to miss a beat! Or a bug! Or a bird! Or any other exciting thing you might encounter on Wild Learning!

Wild Learning has been an idea that’s been bouncing around Endangered Living for a little while, but due to some past road blocks (like trying to start a video blog while traveling and having only an iPad, a camera, and a very sketchy understanding of Indonesian internet laws). But hopefully now that I am back in the land of reliable wifi and electricity I can finally get filming on a regular basis, learn the ropes of this mystical and confusing land called Youtube, and become proficient enough that I can document my next foray into the field so all of you can come along with me!

While I will be mixing in some videos from my travels (stay tuned for an Amazonian Adventure!) I will also be exploring the wild spaces in my own back yard, which is currently South Florida. So to kick off Wild Learning I’ll be exploring what exactly is in a wetland. I hope you enjoy, and you subscribe to our channel to stay up to date!

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