i’ll be back soon

I know that my posting frequency has drastically declined, but thank you guys all for hanging in there with me. I’m hurtling headlong into my last semester of undergrad and it’s been exhausting. As you may know I will be graduating a year early and will be heading off to Oxford for postgrad studies this coming fall, but there is still a lot to do in between now and then.

But between applying for graduation, preparing for my upcoming trek to Africa, dealing with some seriously stressful personal things (some people, you know?!), and getting ready to move overseas I am one busy girl. Hopefully over this winter break I will have more time to spend on here and share in detail all of the exciting things that are happening not just in my life but in the science and conservation world (we’re talking evolution/creationism battles, IUCN red list additions, national parks in peril, and maybe even the return of the ‘happy hump day’ weekly post). But I’m heading into finals week and I am seriously behind, the woes of being a professional procrastinator. So.. Hopefully you’ll hang on just a bit longer! Until next time loyal anthrojunkies

Conservation Biology for Days
Conservation Biology for Days

2 thoughts on “i’ll be back soon”

  1. So proud of you for following your dreams AND becoming an awesome conservationist! I really cant wait to hear about your furure travels! So many of us will be living that life through you! Carry on my child, carry on!

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