hump day- feat. seahorses

Seahorse sex is just plain weird. They’re one of the only animals where the male get pregnant.

Photo from Best Diving
Photo from Best Diving

Seahorses dance as the female inserts her oviduct into the male’s brooding pouch several times, while the male contorts himself to try to get the new eggs in place. Once the female is done inserting her share into the male, she swims away and leaves the male to attach himself to some seaweed or coral.

Photo from MOTE
Photo from MOTE

The male is preggers for a few weeks before they give birth. They give birth by contorting themselves as their brood pouch expands then, in an explosive action the brood leaves the pouch. The pouch will return to normal in about an hour, and the male is ready to do it all over again!

Photo from Berkeley Nature
Photo from Berkeley Nature

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